An Introduction to Cybercultures

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August 2001



An Introduction to Cybercultures provides an accessible guide to the major forms, practices and meanings of this rapidly-growing field. From the evolution of hardware and software to the emergence of cyberpunk film and fiction, David Bell introduces readers to the key aspects of cyberculture, including email, the internet, digital imaging technologies, computer games and digital special effects. Each chapter contains hot links' to key articles in its companion volume, The Cybercultures Reader, suggestions for further reading, and details of relevant websites. Individual chapters examine: - Cybercultures: an introduction - Storying cyberspace - Cultural Studies in cyberspace - Community and cyberculture - Identities in cyberculture - Bodies in cyberculture - Cybersubcultures - Researching cybercultures


Acknowledgments. 1. Cybercultures: an introduction 2. Storying cyberspace 1: material and symbolic stories 3. Storying cyberspace 2: experiential stories 4. Cultural studies in cyberspace 5. Community and cyberculture 6. Identities in cyberculture 7. Bodies in cyberculture 8. Cybersubcultures 9. Researching cybercultures 10. Last words FAQs: further reading FAQs: glossary Bibliography


David Bell is Reader in Cultural Studies at Staffordshire University. He is the co-editor of The Cybercultures Reader (Routledge 2000), and co-author of Consuming Geographies (Routledge 1997).


..."this book is a useful introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of that niche of academic cultural studies that addresses technology...Bell's approach yields a useful primer of the fundamentals of cultural theory as applied to the subjects in and about computer technology."
-Claire Hoertz Badaracco, Marquette University "Communication Research Trends, Spring 2003
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