Using Students' First Language in a Computer-Based ESL Class

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Currently, in the field of second language instruction, two issues stand out as divisive. The first issue is whether or not students first languages should be used while learning a second language. Although this is a longstanding question, it continues to ignite strong opinions among many. A second and more recent polarizing item is the degree to which technology is beneficial in second language learning. While some feel technology significantly helps learning, others feel the benefits are still not clearly evident. This book examines much of the past research about these two divisive topics and also presents new findings based on a study conducted at a Saudi Arabian university with ESL students using computers as the instructional medium. It is hoped that the review of past research plus the new findings presented in this book will be a step forward to resolution. For anyone interested in the two issues described above or would like a glimpse into the Saudi Arabian university system, this book is likely to be highly interesting and informative.


Dr. David Bacherman has a PhD in educational technology with a focus on second language learning and has worked in the Middle East for many years. While there, he has taught university classes in ESL, human resource development and interpersonal communications. Dr. Bacherman can be reached at or
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