Transmission Electron Microscopy

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This groundbreaking text has been established as the market leader throughout the world. Profusely illustrated, Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science provides the necessary instructions for successful hands-on application of this versatile materials characterization technique. For this first new edition in 12 years, many sections have been completely rewritten with all others revised and updated. The new edition also includes an extensive collection of questions for the student, providing approximately 800 self-assessment questions and over 400 questions that are suitable for homework assignment. Four-color illustrations throughout also enhance the new edition. Praise for the first edition: `The best textbook for this audience available.' American Scientist `Ideally suited to the needs of a graduate level course. It is hard to imagine this book not fulfilling most of the requirements of a text for such a course.' Microscope `This book is written in such a comprehensive manner that it is understandable to all people who are trained in physical science and it will be useful both for the expert as well as the student.' Micron `The book answers nearly any question - be it instrumental, practical, or theoretical - either directly or with an appropriate reference...This book provides a basic, clear-cut presentation of how transmission electron microscopes should be used and of how this depends specifically on one's specific undergoing project.' MRS Bulletin, May 1998 `The only complete text now available which includes all the remarkable advances made in the field of TEM in the past 30-40 years....The authors can be proud of an enormous task, very well done.' from the Foreword by Professor Gareth Thomas, University of California, Berkeley


Basics.- The Transmission Electron Microscope.- Scattering and Diffraction.- Elastic Scattering.- Inelastic Scattering and Beam Damage.- Electron Sources.- Lenses, Apertures, and Resolution.- How to 'See' Electrons.- Pumps and Holders.- The Instrument.- Specimen Preparation.- Diffraction.- Diffraction in TEM.- Thinking in Reciprocal Space.- Diffracted Beams.- Bloch Waves.- Dispersion Surfaces.- Diffraction from Crystals.- Diffraction from Small Volumes.- Obtaining and Indexing Parallel-Beam Diffraction Patterns.- Kikuchi Diffraction.- Obtaining CBED Patterns.- Using Convergent-Beam Techniques.- Imaging.- Amplitude Contrast.- Phase-Contrast Images.- Thickness and Bending Effects.- Planar Defects.- Imaging Strain Fields.- Weak-Beam Dark-Field Microscopy.- High-Resolution TEM.- Other Imaging Techniques.- Image Simulation.- Processing and Quantifying Images.- Spectrometry.- X-ray Spectrometry.- X-ray Spectra and Images.- Qualitative X-ray Analysis and Imaging.- Quantitative X-ray Analysis.- Spatial Resolution and Minimum Detection.- Electron Energy-Loss Spectrometers and Filters.- Low-Loss and No-Loss Spectra and Images.- High Energy-Loss Spectra and Images.- Fine Structure and Finer Details.


From the reviews of the second edition: "This book is intended to be used as a textbook for material science students studying the theory, operation, and application of the TEM. It is truly a book so thoughtfully written that ... it will provide a solid foundation for those studying material science. It is richly illustrated with full-color figures and illustrations throughout the text. ... There are an abundant number of references at the end of each chapter for further study ... . This is an outstanding book ... ." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol. 26 (4), July/August, 2010) "D.B. Williams and C.B. Carter have now prepared a new edition, splendidly produced by Springer with colour throughout. ... This textbook is magnificent, written in a very readable style, immensely knowledgeable, drawing attention to difficulties and occasionally to unsolved problems. Any microscopist who has mastered ... the book relevant to his projects will be well armed for battle. ... Buy this book!" (P. W. Hawkes, Ultramicroscopy, Vol. 110, 2010)
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