Born in the Country: A History of Rural America

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Oktober 2006



"Born in the Country" was the first--and is still the only--general history of rural America published. Ranging from pre-Columbian times to the enormous changes of the twentieth century, "Born in the Country" masterfully integrates agricultural, technological, and economic themes with new questions social historians have raised about the American experience--including the different experiences of whites and blacks, men and women, natives and new immigrants. In this second edition, David B. Danbom expands and deepens his coverage of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, focusing on the changes in agriculture and rural life since 1945. He discusses the alarming decline of agriculture as a productive enterprise and the parallel disintegration of farm families into demographic insignificance. In a new and provocative afterword, Danbom reflects on whether a distinctive style of rural life exists any longer. Combining mastery of existing scholarship with a fresh approach to new material, "Born in the Country" continues to define the field of American rural history.


David B. Danbom is a professor of history at North Dakota State University, Fargo. His books include The Resisted Revolution: Urban America and the Industrialization of Agriculture, 1900-1930.


A balanced economic, social, political, and technological history of rural America... A splendid book, rich with detail and complex in argument... A superb introduction to American history. Agricultural History Review A delightful story tracing the social history of U.S. farmers. The book details the attitudes and social life of farm people-how they looked at themselves and how the rest of society saw them. Forum An extremely well-written narrative that presents its information accurately... Danbom's book can well serve the classroom teacher and general reader. -- Allan G. Bogue Agricultural History Review 2007 A highly readable and useful survey. -- Jeff Bremer Journal of the West 2007 Like the first edition, Danbom has written an accessible text for general scholarship and undergraduate courses. -- Connie L. Lester Agricultural History 2009
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