Theodor Storm

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Juni 1992



A work which discusses Storm's significance and artistic stature as a champion of democratic humanitarian traditions and aspirations in 19th century Germany. It highlights his critique of Christianity, his vision of capitalism and his analysis of class relationships.


Traditions and legends; the old times; the road to revolution; Prussia; Prussianization; a democrat in the second empire; catering for the Wilhelminian public: criticism and conformity; literature at the crossroads.


David Jackson is Lecturer at the University of Cardiff


'Jackson's honest, erudite, and enthusiastic book is not only a masterly study of a major 19th century German author, it is at the same time a reflection on the intellectual state of a particular brand of left liberalism in 19th century Germany.' German History
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Untertitel: The Writer as Democratic Humanitarian. black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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