Horizontal Directional Drilling: Utility and Pipeline Applications

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This is a complete sourcebook of information on Horizontal Directional Drilling, the installation of pipelines and utilities beneath obstacles such as water and roadways. HDD is a fast-growing technology in the trenchless industry.Provides technical information on the design, permitting, construction, bid documents, specifications, and construction of HDD applicationsNumerous HDD calculations with examples


<H3>Chapter 1: Installation Applications and Techniques<H3>Chapter 2: HDD Technology and Equipment<H3>Chapter 3: HDD Design<H3>Chapter 4: HDD Pipe Stress Analysis for Steel Pipe<H3>Chapter 5: HDD Pipe Stress Analysis for Plastic Pipe<H3>Chapter 6: HDD Installation Considerations<H3>Chapter 7: HDD Site Selection<H3>Chapter 8: HDD Installation<H3>Chapter 9: HDD Construction Monitoring<H3>Chapter 10: HDD Contracts<H3>Chapter 11: Appendices<H4>BASIC TERMINOLOGY<H4>HDD MODEL FOOTAGE CONTRACT<H4>GUIDELINES FOR HDD PROJECTS<H4>RISK REDUCTION<H4>EXAMPLE HDD SPECIFICATION


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