Science, Jews, and Secular Culture: Studies in Mid-Twentieth-Century American Intellectual History

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Dezember 1998



"David Hollinger is arguably the leading American intellectual historian working today and perhaps the best historical essayist of his generation. This is a timely collection of his work."--Ronald L. Numbers, University of Wisconsin


Preface Ch. 2Jewish Intellectuals and the De-Christianization of American Public Culture in the Twentieth Century Ch. 3The "Tough-Minded" Justice Holmes,Jewish Intellectuals, and the Making of an American Icon Ch. 4Two NYUs and "The Obligation of Universities to the Social Order" in the Great Depression Ch. 5The Defense of Democracy and Robert K. Merton's Formulation of the Scientific Ethos Ch. 6Free Enterprise and Free Inquiry: The Emergence of Laissez-Faire Communitarianism in the Ideology of Science in the United States Ch. 7Academic Culture at the University of Michigan, 1938-1988 Ch. 8Science as a Weapon in Kulturkampfe in the United States during and after World War II Index


"A collection of incisive essays that present a complex portrait of intellectual and sociological change, linking the two in convincing fashion."--Deborah Dash Moore, Journal of Jewish Studies "David Hollinger's new collection of essays is best compared to a string of pearls. Each of the eight pieces is a self-contained gem of clear prose, meticulous scholarship, and ingenious conjecture. Yet all are strung along a single thread, aptly indicated by the book's title, Science, Jews, and Secular Culture... This is a smart, timely, and thoroughly enjoyable book."--Suzanne Klingenstein, The Journal of American History "This is a first-rate treatment of a pivotal change in American history."--Jonathan Dorfman, Washington Post Book World
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