Essentials of Electromagnetics for Engineering

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Februar 2011



A clearly-written introduction to the key physical and engineering principles of electromagnetics.


1. Introduction; 2. Some elements of vector analysis; 3. The electrostatic field; 4. The electrostatic potential; 5. The transition towards Maxwell's equations for electrostatics; 6. Electrostatic fields in material media; 7. Electrostatic energy, electromechanical force, and capacitance; 8. The Laplace and Poisson equations of electrostatics; 9. Numerical solutions of Laplace and Poisson equations; 10. Electric current; 11. The magnetostatic field; 12. The magnetostatic potentials; 13. Inductance and magnetic stored energy; 14. Magnetostatic fields in material media; 15. Extension to electrodynamics; 16. How Maxwell's equations lead to waves and signals; 17. Important features of plane time-harmonic waves; 18. Reflection and transmission of plane waves; 19. Waveguides; 20. Transmission lines; 21. Selected topics in radiation and antennas; Appendices.


Review of the hardback: 'De Wolf is clearly a highly experienced teacher and he has used his experience wisely in putting together a work that, I believe, makes a real advance in understanding what can be, after all, a rather dull and difficult subject if not skilfully presented.' H. Jones Contemporary Physics
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