Off the Beaten Cart Path: Uncovering the Stories of America's Little Known, But Beloved, Golf Courses

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August 2006



What if you had six months to travel the country and play golf? Not as a pro golfer with access to Tournament Players Club courses but simply as an enthusiastic player, Dave Marrandette searched out and played nineteen of the most obscure and endlessly enjoyable hidden courses in the United States. Off the Beaten Cart Path introduces you to the histories, idiosyncrasies, and loyal players that breathe life and character into these hidden community courses. If you love golf, the stories connected with these courses will reaffirm the genuine pulse of the game, as if you were teeing off again for the first time.


"For Love of Country" Rio Mimbres Golf Course, Deming, New Mexico.
"The Gift" Rochelle Ranch Golf Course, Rawlins, Wyoming.
"Down the Up River" San Pedro Golf Course, Benson, Arizona.
"Golf and Garden Tools" Santa Rita Golf Club, Corona, Arizona.
"America the Beautiful" Sky Mountain Golf Course, Hurricane, Utah.
"Old Man River" Suwannee Country Club, Live Oak, Florida.
"Après Ski" Swiss Fairways Golf Course, Clermont, Florida.
"The Little Course That Could" The Pines, Clermont, New Jersey.
"Aces and Eights" Tomahawk Country Club, Deadwood, South Dakota.
"The Old West" Turquoise Valley Golf Course, Naco, Arizona.
Conclusion: Searching for the Spirit of Golf


DAVE MARRANDETTE travels the country in his RV and plays all the obscure and wonderful golf courses he can find. In his spare time, he writes about golf.


"...was published last year and has garnered the most attention of any of his books to date." (Westborough News, February 16, 2007)
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