Get Real!: A New Windmill Book of Non-Fiction

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September 2009



A collection of literary non-fiction aimed at introduding Years 7 and 8 to non-fiction texts. Themes in this text include: families; UFOs; crime; phenomena; and war.


Section 1 - Phenomenon Time to sleep it off by Herbie Brennan The stomach for the job by Nick Arnold Can anything travel faster than light? by Barry Zimmerman and David Zimmerman
Section 2 - Families Mukiwa by Peter Godwin Pardeep by Sue Sharpe Journey to my brother by Leslie Thomas
Section 3 - Pages from a diary Accident by Arno Bo Knee-deep in glass by Zlata Filipovic Through a glass darkly by Jean-Dominique Bauby
Section 4 - Animals Peta by John Crompton King Kong and Fafnir by John Crompton Giant snakes by Simon Welfare and John Fairley Nature's nightmare by Ronald N Rood
Section 5 - UFOs: fact or fantasy? Report Number One by Marc Gascoigne Reort Number Two by Brian Ball The Roswell incident by Rowan Wilson Section - Crime A little stabbing by Terry Deary and Neil Tonge The theft of the Crown Jewels by Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson and Rowan Wilson Crime doesn't pay by Nigel Blundell
Section 7 - Travel Iowa by Bill Bryson Where coal was king by Peter Hain Across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh
Section 8 - 1939-1945 Bombs and beachcombing by Dorothy Thomas Alarms by John Gordon Who will be next? by Walter Buchignani
Section 9 - Advice Crushes by Anita Naik The parents' evening by Rosie Rushton Crashing the pain barrier by Aidan Macfarlane and Ann McPherson
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