The Story of the Supremes

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Juli 2008



A dazzling celebration of one of the most successful musical groups of the sixties, "The Story of the Supremes" presents the incredible wardrobe that created the group's unmistakable style and the billboards, posters, and photographs that made it timeless. From their beginnings as The Primettes to the height of their glamour and fame in the seventies, The Supremes' career has been nothing short of remarkable. Here, acclaimed music journalist Daryl Easlea traces the history of a group that was second only to the Beatles in number-one hits and whose success story helped change racial perceptions during the civil rights movement. A joyful tribute to the queens of Motown, "The Story of The Supremes" is a magnificent collection of dresses worn by Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard, and of course, Diana Ross, in concert, on television, and on the iconic album covers that defined an era of music.


Daryl Easlea was previously deputy editor at Record Collector and remains a regular contributor. He has also contributed to Mojo, Q, The Guardian, Uncut, The Independent and The Encyclopaedia of Popular Music and he is the author of Everybody Dance: Chic and the Politics Of Disco (2004).
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