Russia and Russian Government in American And Estonian Newspapers

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Dezember 2011



The research paper is aimed at analysing the articles about Russia and events in Russia taken from three American and three Estonian newspapers. The analysis focuses on lexical and stylistic devices used in these articles. The theoretical part is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the features of newspaper style. The second section focuses on lexis and register and examines the three strata of vocabulary: basic, formal and informal. In the third section, the author describes a range of stylistic devices commonly used in newspaper style. The practical part is the central component of the present thesis as it concentrates on the analysis of newspaper articles. The first section of the chapter is devoted to the analysis of articles from American newspapers and the second section presents the analysis of articles from Estonian newspapers.


Darja Gordejeva has obtained her BA in English language teaching in 2010. Currently she is getting her MA degree in the same field. She works as an English teacher in the unique immersion school in Estonia.
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