Debugging Strategies for .Net Developers

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April 2003



Debugging Strategies for .NET Developers teaches developers how to think about debugging in Microsoft .NET rather than with the specific tools. Author Darin Dillon describes debugging concepts, such as assertions and logging, and immediately follows each discussion with an example from his experiences of when that technique was used to solve a real-world bug. While other debugging books focus on obscure techniques for advanced users, this book is a highly readable exploration that conveys the basic thought process of debugging, as well as the specific techniques and when to apply those techniques.


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Darin Dillon has worked for a number of enterprise software companies, including Microsoft, Intel, and his current company, NetIQ. During his professional career, Darin has developed with a range of programming platforms, although he now focuses mainly on C#, VB .NET, and the .NET platform. Darin holds a master's degree in computer science from Rice University.


From the reviews:
"What the book is very much about is a broad, almost philosophical, approach to the activity of debugging in general. ... as such it would be a tonic to any jaded programmer struggling with a project. ... this was a good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I picked up a few hints and tips on the way, but its real value was in making me tackle the debugging task with a whole new enthusiasm." (Harry Fairhead, Visual Systems Journal, June, 2003)
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