The Two Roads Taken

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August 2003



Essays and autobiographical material from this physician-poet.


Dannie Abse was born in Cardiff in 1923 and studied medicine in London. His first volume of poetry, After Every Green Thing (Hutchinson, 1948), was published two years before he qualified as a physician. Although principally known as a poet, he has also published novels, plays, essays and an autobiography, Goodbye Twentieth Century (Pimlico, 2001). Dannie Abse has received many literary awards. He is president of the Welsh Academy of Letters.


'His prose has great richness and delicacy.' Sunday Times'It is all told with a dry humour and lack of self-importance which is attractive after the posturing of many poets when they stoop to prose. Not that Abse scorns his poetic vocation. He writes about it, as he writes about his work as a doctor, frankly and seriously.' The Times

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