All Politics Is Global: Explaining International Regulatory

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Februar 2007



Despite globalization, states - especially the great powers - still dominate international regulatory regimes, and the regulatory goals of states are driven by their domestic interests. This book shows that state size still matters. It talks about why there is disparity in the strength of international regulations.


List of Tables ix Preface xi Glossary of Acronyms xix PART I: THEORY CHAPTER ONE: Bringing the Great Powers Back In 3 CHAPTER TWO: A Theory of Regulatory Outcomes 32 CHAPTER THREE: A Typology of Governance Processes 63 PART II: PRACTICE CHAPTER FOUR: The Global Governance of the Internet 91 CHAPTER FIVE: Club Standards and International Finance 119 CHAPTER SIX: Rival Standards and Genetically Modified Organisms 149 CHAPTER SEVEN: The "Semi-Deviant" Case: TRIPS and Public Health 176 CHAPTER EIGHT: Conclusions and Speculations 204 Index 221


Daniel W. Drezner is Associate Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is the author of "U.S. Trade Strategy" and "The Sanctions Paradox". He has published widely in scholarly journals as well as the "New York Times" and the "Wall Street Journal". He keeps a daily Weblog at


Rewarding... Mr. Drezner ... finds that the challenges of the future will be increasingly transnational. As globalization intensifies, the rewards for coordination will increase as well. The Economist Important... Drezner shows that it is control of their own large domestic markets that give major states the ability to wield power in the global economy. His main contribution, however, is to explode a popular notion of globalization and thereby to set an agenda for the study of global regulatory politics. -- G. John Ikenberry Foreign Affairs
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