Wimax Operator's Manual: Building 802.16 Wireless Networks

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November 2005



* This timely new edition covers technological changes to broadband wireless access, including competing standards to WiMax, mobile entertainment, and new data backup systems. * Shows wireless operators how to plan a broadband wireless network for the greatest return on investment in the shortest possible time.
* Municipal wireless networks are expanding throughout the United States and Europe, where the wired infrastructure is too old to support the volume of Internet traffic and where modern cable is too expensive for most Internet users.


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Dan Sweeney is a technical writer and executive editor for America's Network. He has over fifteen years of free lance technical reporting for such leading industry trade journals as Lightwave, Interactive Week, Electronic Business, Forbes High Technology, Wireless Week, Multichannel News, Broadband Wireless Business, Wireless World, Wireless Integration, Satellite Communications, CIO, Mobile Office, Electronic House, Sound & Communications, and many others. He has done free lance assignments for such trade and mass circulation consumer electronics journals as American Heritage, Car & Driver, Consumer Guide, Sound & Vision, Audio, Stereo Review, Twice, Video Review, Home Theater, and others.
Sweeney has done freelance technical writing for many high technology firms, including Microsoft, Teledyne, Baan, AccessLAN, Tollbridge Technologies, Imperial Technologies, Pronto Networks, Sony, Harman International, Sharp, Sanyo, Toshiba, Sega Genesis, and others. He has performed due diligence for venture capital firms and investment banks with respect to high technology startups, and has completed statistical studies for the Los Angeles County Chief Administrative Officer.

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