IP Multicast with Applications to IPTV and Mobile DVB-H

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Get a clear picture of IP Multicast applications for delivering commercial high-quality video services
This book provides a concise guide to current IP Multicast technology and its applications, with a focus on IP-based Television (IPTV) and Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H) applications-areas of tremendous commercial interest. Traditional phone companies can use IP Multicast technology to deliver video services over their networks; cell phone companies can use it to stream video to handheld phones and PDAs; and many cable TV companies are considering upgrading to IP technology. In addition to applications in industries seeking to provide high-quality digital video and audio, there are numerous other practical uses: multi-site corporate videoconferencing; broad distribution of financial data, stock quotes, and news bulletins; database replication; software distribution; and content caching (for example, Web site caching).
After an introduction that gets readers up to speed on the basics, IP Multicast with Applications to IPTV and Mobile DVB-H:
Discusses multicast addressing for payload and payload forwarding
Covers routing in a variety of protocols, including PIM-SM, CBT, PIM-DM, DVMRP, and MOSPF
Discusses multicasting in IPv6 environments and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD)
Features examples of IP Multicast applications in the IPTV and mobile DVB-H environments
Includes reference RFCs and protocols placed in the proper context of a commercial-grade infrastructure for the delivery of robust, entertainment-quality linear and nonlinear video programming
This is a concise, compact reference for practitioners who seek a quick, practical review of the topic with an emphasis on the major and most often used aspects of the technology. It serves as a hands-on resource for engineers in the communications industry or Internet design, content providers, and researchers. It's also an excellent text for college courses on IP Multicast and/or IPTV.


Preface. About the Author. 1 INTRODUCTION TO IP MULTICAST. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Why Multicast Protocols are Wanted/Needed. 1.3 Basic Multicast Protocols and Concepts. 1.4 IPTV and DVB-H Applications. 1.5 Course of Investigation. Appendix 1.A: Multicast IETF Request for Comments. Appendix 1.B: Multicast Bibliography. 2 MULTICAST ADDRESSING FOR PAYLOAD. 2.1 IP Multicast Addresses. 2.2 Layer 2 Multicast Addresses. 2.2.1 Ethernet MAC Address Mapping. 2.3 MPEG-Layer Addresses. 3 MULTICAST PAYLOAD FORWARDING. 3.1 Multicasting on a LAN Segment. 3.2 Multicasting between Network Segments. 3.3 Multicast Distribution Trees. 3.4 Multicast Forwarding: Reverse Path Forwarding. 3.5 Multicast Forwarding: Center-Based Tree Algorithm. 3.6 Implementing IP Multicast in a Network. 4 DYNAMIC HOST REGISTRATION-INTERNET GROUP MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL. 4.1 IGMP Messages. 4.2 IGMPv3 Messages. 4.3 IGMP Operation. Appendix 4.A: Protocol Details for IGMPv2. Appendix 4.B: IGMP Snooping Switches. Appendix 4.C: Example of Router Configurations. 5 MULTICAST ROUTING-SPARSE-MODE PROTOCOLS: PROTOCOL INDEPENDENT MULTICAST. 5.1 Introduction to PIM. 5.2 PIM SM Details. 6 MULTICAST ROUTING-SPARSE-MODE PROTOCOLS: CORE-BASED TREES. 6.1 Motivation 126. 6.2 Basic Operation. 6.3 CBT Components and Functions. 6.4 Core Router Discovery. 6.5 Protocol Specification Details. 6.6 CBT Version 3. 7 MULTICAST ROUTING-DENSE-MODE PROTOCOLS: PIM DM. 7.1 Overview. 7.2 Basic PIM DM Behavior. 7.3 Protocol Specification. 8 OTHER DENSE-MODE MULTICAST ROUTING PROTOCOLS: DVMRP AND MOSPF. 8.1 Distance Vector Multicast Algorithm. 8.2 Multicast OSPF. 9 IP MULTICASTING IN IPv6 ENVIRONMENTS. 9.1 Opportunities Offered by IPv6. 9.2 Introductory Overview of IPv6. 9.3 Migration and Coexistence. 9.4 Multicast with IPv6. 10 MULTICAST LISTENER DISCOVERY. 10.1 Overview of MLDv1. 10.2 Message Format. 10.3 Protocol Description. 10.4 Node State Transition Diagram. 10.5 Router State Transition Diagram. 10.6 Overview of MLDv2. 10.7 Source Filtering. 11 IPTV APPLICATIONS. 11.1 Overview and Motivation. 11.2 Basic Architecture. Appendix 11.A: Serial Digital Interface Basics. Appendix 11.B: MPEG Basics. Appendix 11.C: Encapsulation for Transmission of IP Datagrams over MPEG-2/DVB Networks. 12 DVB-H: HIGH-QUALITY TV TO CELL PHONES. 12.1 Background and Motivation. 12.2 Basic DVB-H Technology. Appendix 12.A: Open Mobile Video Coalition Efforts. References. Glossary. Index.


Daniel Minoli has many years' experience providing telecommunications, networking, and IT architecture guidance and solutions for such organizations as the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), Bell Telephone Laboratories, ITT, Prudential Securities, Bell Communications Research (Bellcore/Telcordia), AT&T, Capital One Financial, SES Americom, New York University, Rutgers University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Société Générale de Financement de Québec. An author of numerous core references on information technology, telecommunications, and data communications, he has also written columns for Computerworld, Network World, and Network Computing.
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