The First Christian Historian: Writing the 'Acts of the Apostles'

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Juni 2004



This book is an original evaluation of Luke's reliability as the first historian of Christianity.


1. How Luke wrote history; 2. A narrative of beginnings; 3. The unity of Luke-Acts: the task of reading; 4. A Christianity between Jerusalem and Rome; 5. The God of Acts; 6. The work of the spirit; 7. Jews and Christians in conflict; 8. Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5.1-11): the original sin; 9. Saul's conversion (Acts 9-22-26); 10. The enigma of the end of Acts (26.16-31); 11. Travels and travelers.


DANIEL MARGUERAT is Professor of New Testament Studies at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.


'This is a masterful, carefully written and well organised study, fully equal to the high standards already set by this series.' Contemporary Review 'Marguerat's proposals ... are uniformly convincing, and more instant light is shed on Acts than by some indispensable commentaries.' Expository Times '... penetrating personal observations and encyclopaedic enquiry ...'. Reviews in Religion and Theology '... Marguerat's monograph is a mine of exegetical insights ...'. European Journal of Theology '... his is an important voice and should be heard ... this book is an important contribution to Lukan studies.' Themelios 'Marguerat's monograph is a mine of exegetical insights. It illuminates both the detail and overall impact of Luke's narrative.' Journal for the Study of the New Testament
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