Illusion of Conscious Will

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September 2003



A novel contribution to the age-old debate about free will versus determinism.


The late Daniel M. Wegner was Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.


... Dr. Wegner's critique... is less philosophical than empirical, drawing heavily upon recent research in cognitive science and neurology. -- John Horgan The New York Times Fascinating... I recommend the book as a first-rate intellectual adventure. -- Herbert Silverman Science Books & Films ... very convincing. -- David Wilson American Scientist Wegner has finessed all the usual arguments into a remarkable demonstration of how psychology can sometimes transform philosophy... [He] writes with humour and clarity. -- Sue Blackmore TLS Wegner is a terrific writer, sharing his encyclopedic purchase on the material in amusing, entertaining, and masterful ways. -- David Brizer, M.D. Psychiatric Services
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