Quick Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide

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November 1985



Quick Calculus 2nd Edition A Self-Teaching Guide Calculus is essential for understanding subjects ranging from physics and chemistry to economics and ecology. Nevertheless, countless students and others who need quantitative skills limit their futures by avoiding this subject like the plague. Maybe that’ s why the first edition of this self-teaching guide sold over 250,000 copies. Quick Calculus, Second Edition continues to teach the elementary techniques of differential and integral calculus quickly and painlessly. Your " calculus anxiety" will rapidly disappear as you work at your own pace on a series of carefully selected work problems. Each correct answer to a work problem leads to new material, while an incorrect response is followed by additional explanations and reviews. This updated edition incorporates the use of calculators and features more applications and examples. " … makes it possible for a person to delve into the mystery of calculus without being mystified." — Physics Teacher


A Few Preliminaries. Differential Calculus. Integral Calculus. Review. Appendices. Index.


DANIEL KLEPPNER is Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. NORMAN RAMSEY is Higgins Professor of Physics at Harvard University and a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics.
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