Integrated Navigation and Guidance Systems

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Beginning with the basic principles of navigation, "Integrated Navigation and Guidance Systems takes a step beyond introductions with a concise look at the flight applications of inertial navigation systems integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite systems. Written at the senior engineering college level, the textbook takes a tutorial approach, weaving interrelated disciplines together with interactive computer exercises and AINSBOOK software for error analysis and Kalman filter simulation. Get a "technical jump start" with a look at traditional navigation radio aids, inertial guidance systems, and Kalman filters. Launch into GPS applications to navigation, precision approach and landing, attitude control, and air traffic control. More than 100 figures, photos, and tables add to the textbook's value.


Principles of Navigation and the Concept of an Integrated Navigation System; Newton's Laws Applied to Navigation (Geodesics, Basic Reference Frames, Simplified Aerospace Vehicle Equation); Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS); Uncertainty in Navigation, INS Error Propagation, Probabilities, Autocorrelation and the Method of Least Squares; Kalman Filters and Their Key Role in the Integration of Aircraft Avionics Systems; GPS Theory and its Application to Navigation (Including System Accuracy); GPS Application to Precision Approach and Landing, Attitude Control and Air Traffic Control; Flight Testing of Navigation Systems; Computer Exercises.
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