Revolution and Revolutionaries: Guerrilla Movements in Latin America

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September 1999



Few publications cover the full span of the history of revolutionary movements in Latin America. In Revolution and Revolutionaries, editor Daniel Castro examines all aspects of guerrilla warfare-from revolutionary programs to the repressive tactics used by various governments to rid themselves of the threats presented by revolutionary movements. In addition to illustrating specific cases of guerrilla struggles, Revolution and Revolutionaries also analyzes the political and social conditions that made the outbreak of revolutionary movements throughout the region unavoidable. Finally, Castro examines the remaining guerrilla movements still active in Latin America as the century comes to a close. Revolution and Revolutionaries revives the debate about the viability of revolutionary violence in Latin America, and will interest those studying Latin American history and sociology, and political science.


Chapter 1 Introduction-The Interminable War: Guerrillas in Latin American History Chapter 2 The Rebellion of Tupac Amaru Chapter 3 The Caste War: Rural Insurgency in 19th-Century Yucatan Chapter 4 The Struggle of the Zapatistas Chapter 5 The Kid from Niquinohomo Chapter 6 General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare Chapter 7 To Free the Present from the Past Chapter 8 The Fall of Arbenz and the Origins of the Guerrillas Chapter 9 Guerrilla Priests Chapter 10 The Revolutionary Path Chapter 11 Some Final Notes [on a Guerrilla Experience] Chapter 12 Defeat in Bolivia Chapter 13 Problems and Principles of Strategy Chapter 14 Thirty Questions to a Tupamaro Chapter 15 Questions to a Militant of the PRT-ERP Chapter 16 In the Shining Path of Mariategui, Mao Zedong or Presidente Gonzalo? Peru's Sendero Luminoso in Historical Perspective Chapter 17 The Iron Legions Chapter 18 Tunnel to Canto Grande Chapter 19 Sources and Resources of Zapatism Chapter 20 End of an Era Chapter 21 Postscript Chapter 22 Suggested Readings and Films


The work has a useful introduction, and each essay is preceded by an explanation of the movement discussed... this work is a useful and quite readable introduction to this topic. The Journal Of Military History
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