Medicine and the Market: Equity v. Choice

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Tracing the path that market practices have taken from Adam Smith in the eighteenth century into twenty-first-century health care, Daniel Callahan and Angela A. Wasunna compare the different approaches taken in the market debate by health care economists, conservative market advocates, and liberal supporters of single payer or government-regulated systems.


Daniel Callahan is the director of International Programs and Angela A. Wasunna is assistant director of International Programs at Pfizer, Inc.


A timely and necessary contribution. Whether or not one agrees with the authors' conclusions, the book is essential reading for anyone concerned with health care reform. It carries out the critical task of placing our national health care debates in the wider context of justice and health care reform around the world. -- Nancy S. Jecker, PhD JAMA 2007 A detailed analysis of the differences between health care systems in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Latin America, and several countries in Asia and Africa. -- Mary Beth Kenkel PsycCRITIQUES 2007 Among the many valuable contributions of Medicine and the Market... is its potential to motivate a new program of qualitative research into the impact of different health care funding and distribution arrangements, not simply upon our bodies, but also, as it were, upon our souls. -- James Lindemann Nelson Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 2007 [Callahan and Wasunna] convincingly show that, in health care, markets are famous for maximizing choice, not efficiency. -- Peter A. Ubel Hastings Center Report 2007 A book that deserves to be read by anyone concerned with health systems analysis and health care reform. -- Andreas Reis Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 2007 The book will interest readers of this journal because the national case studies are alert to both the distant and recent past. -- Martin Gorsky Social History of Medicine 2007 The global survey of market influences in health care that Callahan and Wasunna conduct is extensive and complete. Journal of Value Inquiry 2007
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