The Influence of Social Networks on Student Electioneering Campaign

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Januar 2015



The book focuses on examining the potentials of social media in fostering democratic/participatory culture in students electioneering campaign amongst Theatre and Performing Arts Student Association (TAPASA) A.B.U. Zaria. Over the years different attempts at participatory processes have been employed by practitioners to empower communities with the ability to be part of decision making in installing leaders into positions of leadership, and to act for themselves in order to effect social change and attain their own development through participation in democratic process. Political systems and types of democracy at different levels and at different times in Nigeria have been employed in an attempt to translate Nigeria from a developing country to a developed country. Students who characterize the younger generation have also thrown a shot at politics at different levels, but the outcomes, are still far from the desired result. Development experts have used methods such as Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), Theatre for Development (TFD) to get people actively involved in democratic politics and to make democratic processes a catalyst to reaching true and sustainable development


Daniel Bawa is founder, president of Zaria Business World and Eraser Cleaning Services. Raised in Nigeria,he is cut-out for leadership training, teaching,speaking, discovering and mentoring potential in people. He's a trained development communicator with kin passion for rural development and believes in a better Nigeria.
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