Berlioz's Semi-Operas: Romeo Et Juliette and La Damnation de Faust

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Aims to contribute to Berlioz studies, to studies of the Romantic Movement, and to the field of comparative arts. This title focuses on original text ("Romeo and Juliet and Faust" ) as well as to the musical adaptation. It suggests many analogues in the operatic world which Berlioz knew - the world of Gluck, Mozart, Mehul, Spontini, and Cherubini.


Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"; from Shakespeare to Berlioz; Berlioz's "Romeo and Juliette"; Goethe;s "Faust"; from Goethe to Berlioz; Berlioz's "La Damnation de Faust".


Albright has written a literary essay of great originality and charm, appealing to undergraduates through faculty, general readers, and professionals in both music and the humanitites. CHOICE Albright's work will inform and entertain admirers of Shakespeare, Goethe, and Berlioz alike. --Julian Rushton, West Riding Professor of Music, University of Leeds The rhetoric is comfortable, modern, familiar...132 affable, inviting pages...of its originality there can be no doubt. OPERA QUARTERLY The originality of Albright's work lies in his unusual capacity to read texts and listen to music with a similar degree of sensitivity and insight and to detect the deeper resonance in structure and signification between the two without compromising their individuality. THE EUROPEAN ROMANTIC REVIEW December 2003 This is a wonderful, concise, and compact discussion of two interesting and complex musical works of the Romantic period, exploring the historical and dramatic backgrounds of two of the more popular literary stories in human history. While written from the scholarly perspective, this book is easy to read and not overly technical in its presentation. --Dr. Brad Eden, OPERATODAY.COM
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