Beckett and Aesthetics

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September 2012



As a young man, Samuel Beckett (1906-89) hoped that writing could provide psychic authenticity and true representation of the physical world. Instead, he found himself immersed in artificialities and self-enclosed word games. Daniel Albright argues that Beckett sought escape through allegories of artistic frustration and the art of non-representation and estrangement. Albright depicts Beckett experimenting with the concept that an artistic medium might be made to speak. Engaging with radio, film, television, prose and drama, Albright's Beckett becomes a sophisticated theorist of the very notion of the aesthetic.


Illustrations; Music examples; Introduction: Beckett and surrealism; 1. Stage: resisting failure; 2. Tape recorder, radio, film, television: resisting the human image; 3. Music: losing the will to resist.


Daniel Albright is Professor of English and American Literature at Harvard University. He is the author of many books on music and modernist literature, including Quantum Poetics: Yeats, Pound, Eliot, and the Science of Modernism (Cambridge University Press, 1997), Untwisting the Serpent: Modernism in Music, Literature, and the Visual Arts (2000) and Modernism and Music: An Anthology of Source Materials (2003).


" intellectual tour de force that offers a profound and lucid analysis of Beckett's artistic practice. Albright is at ease with the numerous discourses he uses and writes poetically and provocatively. For its elegance, rigour, and insights, Beckett and Aesthetics ought to be required reading for anyone interested in Beckett's drama and performance work." Modern Drama
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