Solution-Based Casework: An Introduction to Clinical and Case Management Skills in Casework Practice

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Solution-based casework is an approach to assessment, case planning, and case management that combines what we know from clinical social work with what we value about sound social work practice. It is grounded in family-centered social work and draws from clinical approaches within social work and mental health. By integrating problem- and solution-focused approaches that form the clinical and social work traditions, treatment partnerships are more easily formed between family, caseworker, and service provider. Solution-Based Casework is a skill-based, practice-oriented text that provides the specific guidance that students and new practitioners need in order to make sense quickly of the complex tasks of assessment and case planning in child welfare.


Part 1 Historical context: the foundations of solution-based case-work; searching for solutions in the post-modern world. Part 2 Assessment: anchoring casework in everyday lie events; recognizing patterns; assessing problem detail; building a consensus for a prevention plan. Part 3 Management issues: the process of writing objectives and tasks; solution-based case management; treatment providers role in case management; solution-based interviewing techniques; how staff experience change.
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