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Dan Zahavi engages with classical phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and a range of empirical disciplines to explore the nature of selfhood. He argues that the most fundamental level of selfhood is not socially constructed or dependent upon others, but accepts that certain dimensions of the self and types of self-experience are other-mediated.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I: The Experiential Self; 1 Conflicting perspectives on self; 2 Consciousness, self-consciousness, and selfhood; 3 Transparency and anonymity; 4 Subjectivity or selfhood; 5 Self and diachronic unity; 6 Pure and poor; 7 A multidimensional account; Part II: Empathic Understanding; 8 Subjectivity and intersubjectivity; 9 Empathy and projection; 10 Phenomenology of empathy; 11 Empathy and social cognition; 12 Subjectivity and otherness; Part II: The Interpersonal Self; 13 The self as social object; 14 Shame; 15 You, me, and we; References


Dan Zahavi is Professor of Philosophy and Director of Center for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen. He was elected member of Institut International de Philosophie in 2001 and of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in 2007. From 2001 to 2007 he served as president of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology, and he is currently co-editor in chief of Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. In his systematic work, Zahavi has mainly been investigating the nature of selfhood, self-consciousness, and intersubjectivity. His most important publications include Husserl und die transzendentale Intersubjektivitat (Kluwer, 1996), Self-awareness and Alterity (Northwestern University Press, 1999), Husserl's Phenomenology (Stanford University Press, 2003), Subjectivity and Selfhood (MIT Press, 2005), and, with Shaun Ghallagher, The Phenomenological Mind (Routledge, 2008).
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