Citrus Processing

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Citrus juices are the most common among the fruit juices around the world and constitute a major portion of the food industry. Even though juice-processing technology has been around for many years, interest in historical and modem in­ novations and applications is widespread. New juice enterprises are springing up constantly all over the world. Old enterprises are constantly undergoing change, growth, and development. The Internet has expanded the reach of many, not only for information but for marketing and production alterations. The World Wide Web has made the wide world one. Computer technology alone is growing faster than the oranges on the trees. With these multifaceted changes, a need has emerged for an update to the first edition of Citrus Processing. The second edition of Citrus Processing has expanded its scope beyond the quality control theme of the first edition. I have used a more holistic approach to the subject of citrus processing. Those using this text in the classroom will find it more comprehensive in its treatment of the subject. The first edition targeted the industrial technologist. The second edition approaches citrus processing as a complete subject, assuming an audience interested in learning from the ground up. This new approach should be particularly appealing to those unfamiliar with the industry. Even so, experienced industrialists will find the information con­ tained here contemporary, futuristic, and fundamental.


Introduction. Description of Citrus Fruit. Citrus-Processing
Management. Processing Methods, Equipment, and Engineering. Quality
Control. Analyses of Brix, Soluble Solids, Acids, Oils, and Pulp.
Analyses of Other Citrus Juice Characteristics. Analyses of Citrus
Microbiology. Analyses of Processing Contamination. Analyses of
Adulteration. Citrus Byproducts. Research and Development: The Future
of Citrus Processing. Index
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