Dan Gookin's Naked Office

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November 2003



"The author's humor and his ability to keep the reader's attention are masterful." --Andy Barkl, Technical Reviewer Salve For Your Office Headaches! Covers Office 2003, XP and 2000 -- And Perfectly Useful for Office 97, Too! Is it the best thing since sliced bread? A bug-riddled piece of junk? Here, best-selling author Dan Gookin skillfully navigates between these two extremes, laying bare the best and worst of Office in order to help you achieve a single, all-important goal: working faster, easier, and smarter. You'll harness the real power of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook while avoiding their pitfalls--and you'll discover the ways they actually can be made to work together as a truly integrated suite. Dan Gookin's Naked Office means the end of Office-inspired headaches. (Well, the vast majority of them, anyway. He's not a miracle-worker, after all.) Expert Instruction to Change Office Life as You Know It (for the Better) Making a paragraph look the way you want it to look Understanding how styles work and making them work for you Locking a document to prevent changes, and tracking changes made by others Using Excel as a database--and not just for numbers Unraveling formulas and remembering what goes where Organizing e-mail with Outlook Getting the most out of Outlook's scheduling abilities Unlocking the mechanics and philosophy of PowerPoint presentations Oh, and of course--much, much more


Part 1: From Word to Paragraph to Document.
1: Life beyond the Basic Word.
2: Alas, There Is No Such Thing as a ?Simple? Document.
3: Making Your Documents and Reports More Fancy.
4: Oh the Sacrilege of Drawing in a Word Processor!.
5: Using Styles and Templates to Save Oodles of Time.
6: Writing That Great American Novel or Screenplay.
7: The Tough Stuff: From Labels to Tables.
8: Sharing Your Work with Others.
9: Making Your Own Custom Word.
Part 2: Excel.
10: Why the Hell Would Anyone Other than an Accountant Use Excel?.
11: It?s Super Dooper Grid Time!.
12: Some Excel-lent Formatting Tricks.
13: Oh No! The Horrible Math Chapter!.
14: Fun with Charts and Graphs.
15: Excel Templates, Samples, and Web Mischief.
Part 3: Outlook.
16: Just Your Intermediate E-mail.
17: Managing Your E-mail.
18: E-mail Rules!.
19: Making the Best of Your Contacts.
20: Organizing the Rest of Your Life.
Part 4: PowerPoint.
21: Beyond Your Basic Slide Show.
22: Giving a Show without Breaking a Leg.


Dan Gookin is the proud author of the first "For Dummies" book: DOS For Dummies, which hit the shelves in 1991. Before writing that book, he was a computing columnist, magazine editor, frequent radio talk show guest and computer book author. Dan is now a full-time author with several For Dummies books to his credit including PCs For Dummies, Word For Dummies, and C For Dummies as well as several more titles in the popular series.§
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