Contexts of Nursing

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An introductory textbook for all diploma and degree nursing students, offering a concise yet comprehensive overview of the practical and theoretical aspects of professional nursing studies.


Preface 1. So You want to be a Nurse 2. Milestones in British Nursing 3. The Art and Science of Nursing 4. Heroines, Hookers and Harridans: Exploring Popular Images and Representations of Nurses and Nursing 5. Philosophy, Nursing and Knowledge 6. The Caring Conundrum: Should Caring be the Basis of Nursing Pratice and Scholarship? 7. Nursing Theory: Its Nature and Purposes 8. Research in Nursing: Concepts and Processes 9. A Reappraisal of Everyday Nursing Ethics: New directions for the 21st century 10. Law: issues for Nursing Practice 11. Gender Issues in Nursing 12. Becoming Part of a Multidisciplinary Health Care Team 13. Becoming Professional: The Role of Regulatory Authorities and Nursing Organizations 14. Meeting the Needs of Individuals 15. Nursing in the Community 16. Meeting Health Care Needs in Culturally Diverse Societies 17. Becoming a Critical Thinker 18. Writing Nursing, Writing Ourselves 19. Maximising Learning Opportunities and Preparing for Professional Practice.


"The chapters are well researched, accrate and up-to-date." - Nursing Standard."..this could be usefully adopted as the basis of a 'professional issues' seminar programme for pre-registration nursing students" - Nursing Standard
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