Foraging, Farming, and Coastal Biocultural Adaptation in: Late Prehistoric North Carolina

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Juni 2002



Here, the author provides a detailed bioarcheological analysis exploring human adaptation in the estuary zone of North Carolina and the influence of coastal foraging during the late prehistoric transition to agriculture.


Dale L. Hutchinson, associate professor of anthropology at East Carolina University, has published extensively in journals and books on archaeology and biological anthropology.


"A fascinating picture of human adaptation in an area of North America that has been studied primarily by archaeologists... [that] provides a new understanding of the responses in health and lifeways in a coastal setting, showing especially the very localized nature of food choices and resource acquisition." - Clark S. Larsen, Ohio State University "This thoughtful integration of archaeological, historical, ecological, and human bioarchaeological data provides a significant new perspective on the biological costs and benefits of Middle and Late Woodland coastal adaptations in North Carolina. Hutchinson reveals a breadth of successful adaptive variations hitherto obscured by generalized summaries of Late Prehistoric Native American lifeways in the mid-Atlantic region." - Mary Lucas Powell, University of Kentucky
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