Radiohead's OK Computer

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September 2004



Seemingly granted classic album status within days of its release in 1997, OK Computer transformed Radiohead from a highly promising rock act into The Most Important Band in the World a label the band has been burdened by (and has fooled around with) ever since. Through close musical analysis of each song, Dai Griffiths explores the themes and ideas that have made this album resonate so deeply with its audience, and argues that OK Computer is one of the most successfully realized CD albums so far created.


Dai Griffiths is Head of the Department of Music at Oxford Brookes University.


"Griffiths portrays a thorough, academic deconstruction .no small feat for a book of only approximately 120 pages .[Griffiths] also brings his vast familiarity with records of all genres past and present, which lends undeniable credibility to his insight." Dan Weller, Times Leader (NE PA) 10/06/04--Sanford Lakoff
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