Trafficking Cocaine

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Juli 2002



This study is based on five years of ethnographic fieldwork with Colombian drug traffickers (traquetos) in The Netherlands and Colombia. The author has uncovered the social world of traquetos: how and why they get involved in illicit activities, the nature of their work, and how they organize their businesses. This book will be valued by criminologists, social scientists, drug researchers, policymakers, organized crime scholars, and by those interested in Colombia, Latino immigrants' issues, and the cocaine business.


List of Tables and Figures. Acknowledgements. I. Introduction. II. The Domain of Cocaine Emergence, Impact and Organisation of Drug Entrepreneurs in Colombia. III. White Shipment, Sour Transactions, The Dutch Cocaine Market in European Perspective. IV. With a Cross on the Forehead, Colombian Migrants in the Netherlands. V. Crossing and Crowning, Colombian Cocaine Smugglers and Importers in the Netherlands. VI. Sly Traquetos , Safe Houses and Salsa Dealers, Colombian Cocaine Wholesalers and Retailers in the Netherlands. VII. Bad Reputations, Cocaine, Prostitution and Illegal Immigrants. VIII. Flexible Affairs, Labour and Business Relations amongst Colombian Dealers. IX. The Ambiguity of Violence, Secrecy and Trust. X. Conclusions. Appendix I: Map of Colombia. Appendix II: Cocaine relevant cases in the Netherlands. Appendix III: Overview of informants. Appendix IV: Glossary. Bibliography.
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