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September 1993



A great deal is now known about the functional organization, physiology, reproduction, and development of barnacles. For the first time, this book brings to bear all aspects of this knowledge on our interpretation of the dynamics of barnacle evolution relating them to the fossil history and biogeography of the group.


Preface. Understanding barnacles morphology. Form, function
and feeding. Muscles and circulation. Digestion, respiration and
circulation. Digestion, respiration and excretion. Control functions
and environmental interactions. Reproductive system, mating and
oviposition. Gametes, fertilization and embryonic development. Larval
development and metamorphosis. Growth. Modes of life: phylogeny.
Appendix: A taxonomic synopsis of cirripedes. Index.


The book is well written and the numerous illustrations, which show exceptionally fine details, are excellent...The book will be of great value to marine biologists who wish to initiate studies on the biology and control of biofoulers and can also serve as a reference book for undergraduates interested in the study of invertebrate biology. - American Zoology; [This book] brings all aspects of functional organisation, physiology, reproduction and development of barnacles to bear on the dynamics of barnacle evolution - Bookseller; [This book is] an importannt edition to the library of any serious invertebrae zoologist - Marine Naturalist; Gracefully written as well as authoritative - Science & Technology
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