Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks under the Microscope

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Oktober 1992



This is the first modern text to provide a thorough integrated treatment of those parts of the subject that use the polarizing microscope as the central analytical tool. The book is divided into three parts and a comprehensive glossary/index provides easy access to the contents of the book.


Preface. Part A: Classification, terminology and description. Igneous rocks. Metamorphic rocks. Part B: Textures and microscopic structures. Crystals and crystallization. Igneous crystallization, textures and microstructures. Metamorphic crystallization, recrystallization, textures and microstructures. Part C: Mineral preferred orientations. Introduction. Metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks.


`...numerous photographs are well chosen ... high quality drawings and photographs are used throughout ... an excellent supplementary text for udergraduate or graduate courses in petrography or hard rock petrology. Shelley has done a masterful job of gathering and synthesizing material from many sources and organizing it into a useful, up-to-date source of information for those of us who use the petrographic microscope as a primary research tool.'
Journal of Geological Education
`I am impressed by the wide range of topics in igneous and metamorphic rocks covered by the author ... Its value will be as an introduction to the literature on textures and microstructures.'
Canadian Mineralogist
`Dr Shelley's book provides a good foundation ... as well as being an excellent teaching book ... an excellent reference book for many courses ... I doubt that we will see a wider-ranging or better all-round textbook on igneous and metamorphic microstructures for a long time.'
New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics

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