Peninsula Years: Britain's Red Coats in Spain and Portugal

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November 2002



The Peninsula Years is a thrilling and fast moving narrative of the bloody campaigns in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as showing insight into the everyday hardships common to the ordinary British redcoat. The contrary nature of the infantryman of that time is effectively illustrated in the long and arduous retreat to Corunna with its accompanying scenes of drunken and licencious behaviour yet, when the occasion called for it, he was capable of outstanding feats of suicidal bravery as demonstrated at Albuera or in the murderous assault against BadajozWellington may have referred to the men under his command as scum, but without their fortitude, bravery and endurance he knew that Spain would never have been swept clean of France's elite divisions, thus paving the way for Napoleon's eventual downfall and defeat.


Born in 1922, Donald Richards served with the RAF as a navigator during the Second World War. Previously published works include The Peninsula Veterans (MacDonald and Janes 1975) and The Savage Frontier (Macmillan 1990). He lives at Charlton, London SE7.


Makes extensive use of the graphic personal accounts of men, from private soldier to senior officer. Immediate and vivid campaigning history from the Peninsula War.
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