Understanding Human Motivation: What Makes People Tick?

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August 2003



"Understanding Human Motivation "is a lively presentation of how factors such as biological nature, instinct, past experience, and society determine what we do.
Draws on many different domains of human behavior and links together many motivational factors such as fear, sex, consciousness, and rage.
Illustrates the theoretical bases of motivation through real-life examples and case studies.
Written in accessible manner for use in courses.


Preface and Acknowledgments.Introduction: Three Fundamental Ideas.1. Determinism And Free Will.2. Terror.3. Sex.4. Consciousness.5. Boredom.6. Social Conventions.7. The Rate For The Job.8. Loneliness.9. The Moral Sanction.10. Peer Pressure.11. The Crowd.12. Rage.And Are We Provoked To Violence By The Media?13. Money.14. Gambling.15. Human Motivation: How Does It Work?16. References.Index.


Donald Laming was formerly Senior Lecturer in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of several previous books, Information Theory of Choice-Reaction Times (1968), Mathematical Psychology (1973), Sensory Analysis (1986), and The Measurement of Sensation (1997).


"This new book on human motivation by Donald Laming represents a fresh look at an important area of psychology. The material is presented in the original idiom of real life stories in newspapers, which serve to illuminate classical controversies in social psychology. Although the book also has some novel theoretical insights, it should be particularly useful for students beginning in psychology." Trevor Robbins, University of Cambridge
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