The Selected Letters of D. H. Lawrence

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Lawrence's renowned creativity is conspicuous in his letters. Here in over 330 of them - many first published in the acclaimed seven-volume Cambridge Edition - are exemplified the remarkable variety and inventiveness he could command. He corresponded with the elite - aristocrats, fellow authors, painters, publishers and others from the intelligentsia; but not with these only. With equal concern he wrote to his sisters, a childhood friend suffering from tuberculosis, a Post Office clerk or an Italian servant-girl. Lawrence revelled in the act of communication, using a direct, unvarnished but invariably vivid style appropriate to each correspondent. His letters are notable for expressive and imaginative energy, wit and comedy, the tender and the tempestuous, combined with an extraordinary sensitivity to the natural world as well as to the human condition - and much besides. Few English letter-writers offer a comparable range of interest. In his introductory essay James Boulton provides a rare critical assessment of Lawrence's epistolary achievement. In addition to the annotated texts of the letters, also included are a biographical list of Lawrence's correspondents; brief chronological and descriptive introductions to each section; and a full general index.


Introduction; Biographical list of correspondents; Letters: 1. The formative years, 1885-1913; 2. The Rainbow and Women in Love, 1913-16; 3. Cornwall and Italy, 1916-21; 4. Eastwards to the new world, 1921-4; 5. New Mexico, Mexico and Italy, 1924-7; 6. Europe and Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1927-8; 7. Decline and death, 1928-30.


'James Boulton has chosen 330 letters from the massive eight-volume Cambridge edition of well over 5,000, making this substantial selection something like a new addition to the Lawrence canon, a book to have on the shelf alongside The Rainbow and Women in Love.' Independent on Sunday 'We now have the start of an edition in whose scrupulousness there is good reason to place every confidence: the fundamental work will never have to be done again ... Cambridge University Press has cooperated nobly: the book is nice to hold, the pages are very well set out and printed and altogether a pleasure to read. In short a job eminently worth doing has been eminently well done.' English 'This invigorating collection ... is ... a monument to scholarship for which we should be grateful.' D. H. Lawrence Review 'The Selected Letters succeeds admirably in representing Lawrence's quirky brilliance, his always surprising common sense, and above all else the sheer beauty of his writing.' English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920
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