Physiology of Fungal Nutrition

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November 2006



The nutrition of a vegetative fungal colony can be viewed as a web of interconnected processes. In this volume, the author provides a mechanistic basis to the subject, focusing on processes at the plasma membrane, considering the modulating effects of the fungal wall and describing the fate of nutrients entering the fungus. The emphasis is physiological, but biochemical and molecular biological information has been drawn upon as appropriate to reflect the power of the multi-faceted approach and encourage such study further. A comprehensive review of what is known for the more commonly studied fungal species is complemented by information on other fungi to provide an indication of the diversity of nutritional processes that exist in the Fungal Kingdom.


Introduction; 1. Primary active transport; 2. The relationship between membrane transport and growth; 3. Walls and membranes; 4. The vacuolar compartment (vacuole); 5. Carbon; 6. Nitrogen; 7. Phosphorus; 8. Sulphur; 9. Growth factors; 10. Potassium and other alkali metal cations; 11. Multivalent metals (required or toxic); 12. Organic acids; 13. Water relations and salinity; 14. Nutrient movement within the colony; Literature cited; Index.


'A real fungal physiology text.' David Moore, Nature
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