Principles of Terrane Analysis

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Oktober 1994



This book introduces the reader to the principles of terrrane analysis, and describes how accretion tectonics relates to classic plate tectonics theory and what this represents in terms of mountain building and continental growth processes. A forensic-like investigation of continental geology is detailed, integrating many different sub-disciplines of the Earth Sciences. The concepts outlined have a practical bent and help to explain the nature and occurrences of petroleum and metallic mineral deposits.


Introduction. Plate tectonics: principal elements. History of continental growth. Suspect terranes. Kinematics: measuring terrane displacements. Mountain building and the shaping of continents. The strategy of a field geologist. Glossary of terms. References. Index.
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Untertitel: New applications for global tectonics. 2nd ed. 1994. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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