Prolactin: Physiology and Clinical Significance

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September 1973



I first became interested in prolactin a little over two years ago. I was then working in Nairobi and I knew nothing about the hormone apart from its role in lactation. Professor Mohammed Hyder of the Department of Zoology in the University of Nairobi was interested in the endocrine mechanisms which enable Tilapia fish to adapt to water with a very high electrolyte content. He invited me to a seminar given by Professor Howard Bern which was largely concerned with the role prolactin plays in fluid and electrolyte balance in sub-mammalian vertebrates. This inspired me to begin a programme of research into the roles prolactin plays in man and other animals. Very few physiologists or clinicians seem aware of the multifarious effects of prolactin in mammals. This book therefore aims to give a comprehensive account of the mammalian physiology of prolactin and to make suggestions about its possible role in diseases ranging from cancer to mental illness. The two subjects which have been previously widely covered, the roles of prolactin in lactation and in rat mammary cancer, are presented relatively briefly though with a full list of references. Other subjects are dealt with more extenSively and I hope that many research workers and clinicians may find the book helpful.


1. Introduction.- Section A: Physiology and Pathophysiology of Prolactin.- 2. Isolation, structure and cells of origin.- 3. Assay of prolactin.- 4. Biochemistry and effects on metabolism.- 5. Effects of metabolic and environmental stimuli on prolactin secretion.- 6. Control of prolactin secretion.- 7. Prolactin in male and female reproduction.- 8. Pregnancy.- 9. Lactation.- 10. Prolactin and thyroid function.- 11. Prolactin and cancer.- 12. Prolactin and fluid and electrolyte balance and the cardiovascular system.- 13. Other effects of prolactin.- Section B: Prolactin and Human Disease.- 14. Introduction. Hormones and disease.- 15. Tests of the prolactin secreting system.- 16. Drugs which alter prolactin secretion.- 17. Puerperal lactation and galactorrhea.- 18. Premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy toxemia.- 19. Disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance.- 20. Nephrotic syndrome.- 21. Thyroid disease.- 22. Adrenal disease.- 23. Hypertension.- 24. Migraine.- 25. Asthma.- 26. Rheumatoid arthritis and collagen disease.- 27. Diabetes mellitus.- 28. Epilepsy.- 29. Natural and drug-induced Parkinsonism.- 30. Myocardial infarction and thrombo-embolic disease.- 31. Mental illness.- 32. Cancer.- 33. Other conditions.- Section C: Hypothesis.- 34. The role of prolactin in human physiology and disease.- References.
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