The Art of Educating with V Diagrams

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Focusing on the mind and its ability to seek answers to unknown or unanswered questions, this book's theory of educating provides the foundation for using V diagrams by students, educators, researchers, and parents. Teachers make lesson plans using V diagrams and concept maps and become expert coaches in guiding student performances. Students learn to enhance their knowledge by changing from question-answerers to question-askers. Parents share the learning experience with their children and the childrens' teachers and administrators.


Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. Four Commonplaces of Educating Plus One: 1. The art of educating; 2. Simplifying complexity without denying it; Part II. The V Diagram: 3. Thinking around the V; 4. Structuring knowledge; 5. Minding events and making a V; 6. Learning and teaching the V; Part III. Analyzing, Evaluating, and Conducting Research: 7. Evaluating V diagrams; 8. Researching educating; Part IV. Reasoning with Technology: 9. Electronic educating; Epilogue.


Marino C. Alvarez is a professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning of the College of Education at Tennessee State University. He received his MA and doctoral degree (Ed.D.) from West Virginia University. His interest in content literacy stems from his years of teaching Social Studies in middle and secondary schools. D. Bob Gowin has taught at Cornell University for 30 years. He earned his Ph.D. from Yale University and was granted a post-doctoral Fellowship in Philosophy at Yale in 1958. He has authored 15 books and monographs and co-authored Learning How to Learn (with Joseph Novak) and Appraising Educational Research (with Jason Millman).


"The authors of this timely text pose a question: "Why read this book?" They then proceed to define and explain the use and value of Venn Diagrams as utilized in an eight-year Exploring Minds Project at Tennessee State University. Educators interested in developing the critical thinking skills of students in courses from math to social studies will find these results useful." Choice
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