Strategic Planning, Marketing & Public Relations, and Fund-Raising in Higher Edu: Perspectives, Readings, and Annotated Bibliography

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Juni 1986



Because of severe budgetary constraints and the dwindling number of 18-year-olds, colleges and universities are looking for new ways to keep their heads above water. One step toward a solution is to see how others have done it. The authors focus on three important facets of higher educational administration: strategic planning, marketing and public relations, and fundraising. They offer their own perspectives, include previously published journal articles by experts, and provide an annotated bibliography of books and journal articles on these subjects.


Cynthia C. Ryans (ABJ, University of Kentucky; MLS, University of Maryland; M.Ed., Kent State University), is a professor of library administration at Kent State University Library. Her research on library technical services and business libraries has been published in Library Resources & Technical Services, Akron Business and Economic Review, and Research Management. Her books include The Card Catalog: Current Issues (Scarecrow), Internationalizing the Business Curriculum: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography (Academy of Int'l Business), and International Business Reference Sources: Developing a Corporate Library (Lexington Books). She is Resources editor of Journal of Small Business Management. William L. Shanklin (DBA, University of Maryland) has consulted for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. He has published on business and marketing topics in the Harvard Business Review and many other periodicals and co-authored Thinking Strategically (Random House), Marketing High Technology (Lexington Books), and Guide to Marketing for Economic Development (Publishing Horizons). A frequent speaker to business groups, Mr. Shanklin is professor of marketing in the Graduate School of Management at Kent State University.
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