A+ Technician's On-The-Job Guide to Windows XP

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This title gets readers up to speed on the latest OS from Microsoft, as techs are faced with this new operating system every day, performing repairs, maintenance and upgrades.


1: Installing Windows XP Professional 2: Operating System Fundamentals 3: Managing Folders and Files 4: Managing Windows XP Hardware 5: Managing Applications 6: Managing User Accounts and Permissions 7: Managing Disks 8: Managing Printing 9: Networking with Windows XP 10: Preventative Maintenance 11: Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance 12: Managing Internet Connections 13: ICS, ICF, and Network Bridging 14: Configuring Internet Explorer 15: Working with Digital Media 16: Gathering Information and Solving Problems A: Top 25 Windows XP Professional Problems and Solutions


Curt Simmons (Saint Jo, Texas) is a freelance writer and technical trainer who specializes in Windows operating systems and BackOffice products. He holds the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer certifications (MCT). Aside from his technical expertise, Curt has a BA in English and a Master's degree in education. He has been working with windows Me since Beta 1. His numerous other books include MCSE Study Tips for Dummies, Configuring Windows 2000 Server, and the forthcoming Active Director Bible from IDG Books.
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