Kentucke's Frontiers

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September 2010



American culture has long celebrated the heroism framed by Kentucky'sfrontier wars. Spanning the period from the 1720s when Ohio River valley Indiansreturned to their homeland to the American defeat of the British and their Indianallies in the War of 1812, Kentucke's Frontiers examines the political, military, religious, and public memory narratives of early Kentucky. Craig Thompson Friendexplains how frontier terror framed that heroism, undermining the egalitarianpromise of Kentucke and transforming a trans-Appalachian region into an Old Southstate. From county courts and the state legislature to church tribunals and villagestores, patriarchy triumphed over racial and gendered equality, creating politicaland economic opportunity for white men by denying it for all others. Even inremembering their frontier past, Kentuckians abandoned the egalitarianism offrontier life and elevated white males to privileged places in Kentucky history andmemory.


List of Illustrations; Foreword by Walter Nugent and Malcolm J. Rohrbough; Preface
1. The Indians' Frontiers;
2. Colonial Kentucke;
3. Revolutions;
4. Peopling Kentucke;
5. Seeking Security and Stability;
6. From Kentucke to Kentucky;
7. An Old South Frontier;
8. Remembering; Epilogue Citations and Essays on Sources; Index


Craig Thompson Friend is Professor of History at North Carolina State University. He is author of Along the Maysville Road: The Early American Republic in the Trans-Appalachian West and editor of The Buzzel About Kentuck: Settling the Promised Land.


"Deftly weaving together numerous interpretive strands, Craig Friend's first-rate study explains how the passage from 'Kentucke' to 'Kentucky' turned the first trans-Appalachian frontier from the leading edge of America's New West to the border of its Old South. This book is both an essential and an elegant read." Stephen Aron, author of How the West Was Lost: The Transformation of Kentucky From Daniel Boone to Henry Clay
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