The Middle East For Dummies

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The Middle East is a hotbed of political and military activity. News about the region and its players appear every day in newspapers and on television reports. Information on the Middle East, terrorism, and Islam is in high demand as people seek to better understand the world in which we live. In order to appreciate the deeper cultural, economic, and political significances of current events, many people have opted to broaden their knowledge on the topic of the Middle East. As a result, enrollment in classes about Islamic ideology, current events in the Middle East, and the Arabic language have skyrocketed (


Introduction. Part I: Getting Acquainted with the Middle East. Chapter 1: The Middle East's Relevance in the 21st Century. Chapter 2: Charting a Map. Chapter 3: Middle Eastern Hospitality. Part II: The History of the Middle East. Chapter 4: The Ancient Middle East. Chapter 5: The Medieval Middle East. Chapter 6: The Modern Middle East. Part III: Politics, Islam, and Oil: Three Reasons Not to Ignore the Middle East. Chapter 7: Leadership: Kings, Presidents, and Dictators. Chapter 8: Islamic Militancy in a Nutshell. Chapter 9: Islam and the West. Chapter 10: It's All About the Oil: Economics in the Middle East. Part IV: Regions in Turmoil. Chapter 11: The Powder Keg: Israel and Palestine. Chapter 12: Iraq. Chapter 13: Afghanistan. Chapter 14: Pakistan. Part V: Regions in Repair. Chapter 15: North Africa. Chapter 16: Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Chapter 17: The Arabian Peninsula. Chapter 18: Non--Arab Muslim States. Part VI: Cultural Contributions of the Middle East. Chapter 19: A Mosaic of Religions. Chapter 20: Religions on the Edge. Chapter 21: The Family: The Hub of Middle Eastern Life. Chapter 22: Language and Literature. Chapter 23: Arts and Sciences. Part VII: The Part of Tens. Chapter 24: Ten Key Ethnic Groups. Chapter 25: Ten Key Militant Groups. Chapter 26: Ten Key Challenges. Index.


Craig S. Davis received a dual PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and Religious Studies from Indiana University. His teaching competencies include Islamic Studies and Middle Eastern Studies.
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