The History of Iraq

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September 2005



Since the early 1990s, Iraq (and its former dictator, Saddam Hussein) has been a fixture in Western media. However, few American adults know or understand the rich cultural history or the political forces that have shaped modern Iraq. As the future of Iraq is now being written, a clear understanding of the country's history is crucial in our new global environment. Through ten narrative chapters, Hunt delves into the rich history of this land from the earliest settlements in Mesopotamia, the introduction of the Muslim faith, and the conquest of Baghdad by the Ottomans in 1534 to the institution and eventual overthrow of British control and the rise of the Ba'athist party to Saddam Hussein's reign as president. Ideal for students and general readers, the History of Iraq is part of Greenwood's Histories of Modern Nations series.


Dedication; Series Foreword; Acknowledgements; Timeline of Historical Events; The Land and the People of Iraq; The Cradle of Civilization; Babylonia; The Muslim Conquest; The Ottoman Empire; The British Occupation; The Kingdom of Iraq and the Revolution of 1958; A Decade of Revolutions and the Rise of Saddam; A Decade of Wars: The Iran-Iraq War and the First Gulf War; Sanctions, The Second Persian Gulf War and Iraq Today; Glossary of Frequently Used Terms; Notable People in the History of Iraq; Bibliographic Essay.


COURTNEY HUNT is an attorney for the federal government and a freelance writer.


"[E]xploring the Muslim faith's influence on Iraq and the British influence on the nation after World War 1. Here's a fascinating coverage packed with local color and social and political insights." - MBR Bookwatch
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