Inside Sport Psychology

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"Inside Sport Psychology" covers the most effective methods of enhancing sport performance and preparing mentally for competition, and it explains which techniques are most appropriate for certain situations in sport. It is an ideal resource for athletes and coaches wishing to incorporate modern psychological techniques into their everyday practice.


Chapter 1. Sport Psychology Applications Chapter 2. The Secrets of MotivationChapter 3. Boosting Self-confidence Chapter 4. Anxiety: Friend or Foe?Chapter 5. Mood and Emotions Chapter 6. Master of ConcentrationChapter 7. Visualization and Self-HypnosisChapter 8. The Power of Sound


Costas is a reader in sport psychology and deputy head (research) at Brunel University. He is a double-accredited sport psychologist with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.
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