The DNA Provirus: Howard Temins Scientific Legacy

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August 1995



Howard Temin's pioneering scientific achievements in elucidating the fundamentals of retroviruses laid the ground work for our present understanding of the molecular basis of both cancer and HIV. Few advances in contemporary molecular biology have been as significant or as controversial as Temin's initial proposal of the provirus hypothesis, which turned molecular biology's central dogma on its head. This book focuses on the significance of temin's science as well as on current areas of research which have been profoundly affected by his discoveries.


Part I: Selected papers of Howard M Temin; Reprint of Temin and Rubin's 1958 paper describing the focus assay for transformation by Rous Sarcoma virus; Reprint of Temin's 1964 paper proposing the DNA provirus hypothesis; Reprint of Boettiger and Temin's 1970 paper on inactivation of BUdR-containing proviral DNA by visible light; Reprint of Temin and Mizutani's 1970 paper reporting the discovery of reverse transcriptase; Reprint of Temin's 1971 paper proposing the protovirus hypothesis; Part II: Cancer; On the origin of oncogenes; Viruses, genes and cancer: a lineage of discovery; Mammaliam development and human cancer: from the phage group to the genetics of intestinal cancer; Malignant transformation of cells by the v-Rel oncoprotein; Progress in the molecular medicine of cancer; Part III: Virology; Reprint of Shimotohno, Mizutani and Temin's 1980 paper on the similarity of the structure of retroviral proviruses to that of transposable elements; Beyond the provirus: from Howard Temin's insights on Rous Sarcoma virus to the study of Eppstein-Barr virus, the prototypic human tumor virus; Under the influence: from the provirus hypothesis to multistep carcinogenesis; Herpes simplex virus DNA replication and genome maturation; Reprint of Temin's 1993 paper on the inherent contributions of reverse transcription to retroviral variation; Retrovirus variation and evolution; Part IV: HIV, AIDS and the immune system; Human retroviruses in the second decade: some pathogenic mechanisms and approaches to their control; Cherish an idea that does not attach itself to anything; Gene therapy in CD4+ T lymphocytes in SCID-hu mice; The dilemma of developing and testing AIDS vaccines; reprint of temin's 1993 paper proposing a new approach to develop a human immunodeficiency virus vaccine
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